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About Holly

Running an Adult Family Home licensed by the state of Wisconsin since 1996 Holly has enjoyed working with all the different people that make up the assisted living world.

The Adult Family Home has really shaped the life-style Holly leads with her family.


Holly’s Guiding Philosophy of  Caregiving

What if it were me needing help? Or my mom, my dad, or someone that I love?  How would I want them to be treated and cared for?   These are the prevailing themes that guide the philosophy of Holly and her AFH.  Holly, her husband John, and the wonderful staff people that help to keep everything running smoothly keep this perspective front and center.  Sure, somedays it’s chaos, but that’s what keeps family life interesting!

Each time Holly has been asked about her experiences with the adult family home, the comment was made “You should write a book!” and so she did.  ‘Don’t Get Caught Naked; Tips for the Adult Family Home Caregiver’ tells the history of how Holly and her husband John adopted the AFH lifestyle.  Learn more about this and other books Holly has contributed to on her Amazon Author page.

Emotion Code Practitioner

Holly enjoys being able to help people, that’s a key ingredient in being a caregiver.  She is always on the lookout to increase her education and add specialized techniques to her toolbox.  Recently adding an energy work system to her repertoire Holly is an Emotion Code Practitioner. 

The Quick Bio

Married to John, living in rural Stoughton.  Has three wonderful bonus sons, each married and three granddaughters. Currently, only two dogs, Lucy and Tiberius. Raised in Madison, Wisconsin. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Edgewood High School.

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