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Hi, I'm Holly.


Wisconsin State Licensed
Adult Family Home Provider


Certified Practitioner
Emotion Code and Body Code. 

I believe we each have a unique set of talents and skills for providing service to each other.  Scroll down to see how I can share my special skills with you

Adult Family Home

A comfortable, friendly and loving environment. Experience. Consistent. Care.

Emotion Code Body Code Session

Removed Negative Trapped Emotions for optimal health, better relationships and a more abundant life


Holly Pitas

Running an Adult Family Home licensed by the state of Wisconsin since 1996 Holly enjoys working with all the different people that make up the assisted living world.

The Adult Family Home has really shaped the life-style Holly leads with her family.

Holly’s personal mission is being able to help people; that’s a key ingredient in being a caregiver.  She is always on the lookout to increase her education and add specialized techniques to her toolbox.  Holly is  a Certified Practitioner of the Emotion Code and Body Code, energy transformational systems that benefit both pets and people.  

John & Holly Pitas

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